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oak windows and accoya windows painted

Browns are a family run company specialising in the manufacture and FENSA installation of bespoke wooden windows in oak, accoya, idigbo and red grandis windows.  Every Window by Browns is designed, engineered and hand finished in Herefordshire by our team of skilled craftsmen using the finest timber – oak, accoya, red grandis hardwood and softwoods, machined with state of the art machinery.

We can supply our windows fully factory finished with the glass fitted for fast and efficient site fitting or with the glass loose and a base coat of treatment for you to undertake these tasks on site.

Our range of Windows and Doors include Part Q compliance to current Building Regulations and heritage slimline replacements for listed period properties. Full site installation can be arranged using our team of highly skilled carpenters, offering FENSA certification and assurance should you wish us to carry out this complete service for you.

Available in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles offering energy efficient high performance windows made using traditional techniques.  We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding product range tailored to meet the specific requirements of Homeowners, Professionals, Architects and Installers.

We welcome you to our showroom and workshops where we have our range of windows and doors on display.  Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are on hand and from here it will be possible for you to see our craftsmen at work.  Alternatively please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.  Site visits throughout the UK are available to carry out final measurements prior to manufacture.

All of the timber we use is sourced through sustainably sourced timber certification schemes.  Investment in research, development and testing has enabled us to achieve the very highest levels in design, security and acoustic performance.

Energy efficient windows are a Building Regulations requirement for all buildings, with the exception of listed buildings. All of Browns timber windows come double or triple glazed, and are effectively designed and sealed to be weather proof.  U Value Certificates accompany all of our windows along with Part Q Certification for new build projects.

Nation wide delivery service along with regular deliveries to our clients in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Worcesteshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

Oak Windows and Frames

Oak Windows and Frames

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Flush Casement Windows with optional glazing bars

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Flush Casement Windows with Duplex Glazing Bars

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Stormproof Casement Windows

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Box Sash Windows with lead weights

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Triple Glazed Eco Windows

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Modern Flush Casement Windows

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Opening Options

Casements can either be side hung, top hung, fixed or direct glazed. A flying mullion can be offered to provide a larger opening for a fire escape purposes, whilst maintain the original window design. In old cottages for example the opening can be small therefore the casements can be rebated to meet together, without a mullion to reduce the amount of visible wood. As we are bespoke joiners we can manufacture any design feature you require. Below is an example of some of the fenestrations available.

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Timber and Paint Colour Options

Below is a selection of the timbers we use in the manufacture our joinery. For further information on the different species please see the technical information at the bottom of the page. We are able to offer OSMO natural wood treatment and fully factory finished painted windows in a range of colours, for example from the RAL colour range or Farrow and Ball. Fully factory finished windows and doors come with the glazing fitted for minimal site work, carried out in controlled factory conditions by our skilled craftsmen. We welcome you to see our paint and timber finishes at our showroom and workshops.

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Ironmongery Options

We offer a large range of window furniture, from traditional handmade fitting to modern contemporary designs. The collection includes black, beeswax, stainless steel, pewter and brass finishes.

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Glass Options

Each project we undertake is bespoke, therefore we can offer energy efficient double glazed or triple glazed units in a a wide range of options to suit any special requirements you may have when considering the glazing for you windows. For restoration projects requiring new timber windows and doors we can offer single glazing in a variety of forms including double glazed leaded glass.

  • Toughened or Laminated Safety Glass: Toughening process increases strength and safety.
  • Patterned and Textured Glass: A range of Pilkington patterned or textured glass for added privacy and decoration.
  • Acoustic Glass: Increases already high level of sound insulation using specialist laminates and thicker glass.
  • Solar Control Glass: Allows the heat gain from the sun to be matched to the requirements of a building.

  • Egress Friction Hinge for fire escape and easy cleaning
    • Allows casement windows to comply with Building Regulations Approved Document B for fire escape windows
    • Composite slider with stainless steel release lever mechanism allows cleaning access from the inside of the building to comply with BS 8213-1
    • Automatically resets to the fire escape mode when the window is closed
    • Reliable, accurate closure and smooth operation
    Egress Friction Hinge for fire escape with Child Restrictors
    • Allows casement windows to comply with Building Regulations Approved Document B for fire escape windows
    • Built-in mechanism limits initial opening, Restrictor automatically relocates and resets when the window is closed
    • Composite slider with stainless steel release lever mechanism allows cleaning access from the inside of the building to comply with BS 8213-1
    • Automatically resets to the fire escape mode when the window is closed
    • Reliable, accurate closure and smooth operation
    Traditional Butt Hinges
    • Decorative butt hinges enhance the windows tradition and external character
    • Reliable, accurate closure and smooth operation
    • Stainless steel for extra long life


    Espanolette Window Locking system, with keeps and locking espagnloette handle.
  • Browns are suppliers of Planitherm and Pilkington K Glazing systems. The thermal insulation provided by low-E double glazing is three times more efficient than that of standard double glazing and is the ideal low energy solution to meeting and exceeding the newly revised Building Regulations energy efficiency requirements.

    PLANITHERM products use a special coating to reflect heat from domestic heat sources back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time, this coating allows free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room and further contributing to the energy efficiency of the windows and helping to reduce your energy bills. The range can be combined with many other products, providing a multitude of high performance, multi-functional glazing options, including:

    • Self-cleaning and/or solar control glazing
    • Acoustic insulation
    • Safety and security
    • Obscured and/or decorative glazing

    Planitherm is Europe's leading energy saving window glass and is the most efficient glass available. It uses advanced coating technology to reflect radiated heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time, Planitherm captures warmth from natural daylight by allowing it to pass through the glass. The result? – A more comfortable, lighter, brighter, warmer and more energy efficient home that saves you money on costly energy bills. Thanks to advanced thermal insulation which is 3 times more efficient than single glazed windows and at least 25% more efficient than most double glazed windows.

    Free Solar Heat Gain

    PLANITHERM uses advanced coating technology to capture warmth from natural daylight to help heat the home

    Thermal Insulation
    The advanced coating reflects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature
    Optimal Energy Ratings

    PLANITHERM combined with virtually any window frame will achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of B and an A+ is much easier to reach.

    Haze & Tint Free Windows
    PLANITHERM maximises the amount of natural light into the home, without the haze or tint effects associated with some older double glazed windows
    Eliminate Condensation
    PLANITHERM helps to virtually eliminate internal condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows
  • Oak

    European oak is a remarkable material; strong, extremely durable, heavy and attractive which makes it the ideal wood to use in construction both indoors and outdoors. European Oak is the timber of choice for most external jobs when a clear or unpainted finish is required. Most parts of an oak tree are full of tannic acids. Remarkably, these tannins in the timber make Oak more resistant to rotting, therefore it is extremely durable outdoors. Popular for outdoor uses and construction including gates, fencing, cladding and external furniture as well as being commonly used in all other areas of joinery such as windows, doors, flooring and cabinet making. European Oak originates from the United Kingdom and Europe. It is a light brown colour with beautiful grain markings. It has a high Durability and a Density of 695 kg/m3.


    Sapele is a reddish-brown wood. A remarkable feature of Sapele is that the grain is interlocked and changes direction in frequent, irregular intervals. Before WWI the principal demand for this wood came from Germany where it was used for decorative cabinet work. Interestingly enough, Sapele was found in the propeller-blades of German Zeppelins. Sapele is also one of Europe's most desired woods in manufacturing doors, windows and hardwood flooring. It has a wide variety of applications and is very popular as a decorative surface veneer for high-grade furniture such as book cases and cabinets. It stains and finishes much like Genuine Mahogany. It’s difficult to distinguish the appearance of Sapele Mahogany or Genuine (Honduras) Mahogany when it’s finished with a dark stain.


    Accoya wood is a modified wood which we use predominantly for our painted work. It takes a paint finish extremely well enabling us to offer guarantees on our painted factory finished windows and doors due to its outstanding stablility. Manufactured using a non-toxic treatment and timber sourced from sustainable forests, Accoya wood has properties that match those of the best tropical hardwoods. Its uses range from all exterior applications including windows, doors, decking, cladding. Accoya wood has a high strength to weight ratio which also makes it suitable for challenging external applications. The colour is yellow to dark brown. The grain is straight to slightly irregular with a medium to fairly coarse texture. The timber works well by both machine and hand tools and finishes cleanly. An excellent utility timber for many purposes due to its medium weight, ease of working and durability.


    Idigbo is a West African species of hardwood of which its colour can vary from straw yellow to medium, to light brown. Its appearance is very similar to Oak, particularly in windows. It is used mainly in general joinery where a painted or stain finish is applied. Other common uses include decorative panelling, veneers, flooring, and light construction. The sapwood and heartwood of the species are not clearly differentiated. The wood is a pale yellow-brown in colour and when plain sawn, has a very prominent growth ring figure. The average dried weight may be in the region of around 540 kg/m3, but this is very variable. Planed surfaces of the wood are moderately silky; the texture is rather coarse and uneven, while the grain is straight or only shallowly interlocked.


    Softwood Engineered Components are highly engineered products and are famous for their stability and versatility. Dramatically increasing the potential for the effective application of timber they provide ideal solutions for the use of Softwood. Offering real strength and extraordinary efficient engineered softwood products retain and enhance the beauty and appeal of real wood while giving you finger-jointing technology, wood veneers and advanced adhesives.

  • Decorative Finishes

    Browns factory finished products are sanded by both machine and hand prior to the application of a primer coat of microporous paint or oil. To achieve a superior finish the items are also hand sanded between coats and are placed in our drying chamber to fully cure. Using automated paint spray equipment and our temperature controlled drying chambers, this ensures that the paint thickness is of even distribution and fully cured. We are happy to offer our joinery in a primed finish for painting to be carried out on site, however please note that items supplied with just a primer coat have limited protection and warranty.

    We strongly advise having external joinery items decorated in a controlled environment in our spray booth or oils applied by our skilled craftsmen. We can offer a warranty of up to 8 years for factory finished items with a Teknos 3 coat microporous paint system and up to 5 years for a stain finish (subject to correct care and maintenance). Some of our paint systems use 4 coats and most colours can be matched. Teknos is an industry leading paint and stain supplier offering flexible, durable and micro porous protective film coatings for our joinery items. For more information on Teknos please visit their website www.teknosonline.co.uk.

    For a natural Oil finish we are stockists of Osmo Wood Treatments. Osmo offers a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to wood finishing. The products are based on rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, whilst preventing it from drying and becoming brittle. The natural treatment of wood is not only for protection, but the aesthetic point of view is essential. If you want to enhance the grain showing a gorgeous, natural colour tone we would recommend the Osmo UV-Protection Oil. It is a satin-matt, natural oil based and microporous finish, which does not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is water and dirt resistant, moisture regulating and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. This product is very easy to apply annually to maintain your joinery.

    The cost of factory pre-finished windows and doors may be slightly higher but there is far less work involved on site as the glass is fitted in our workshops so the windows are ready to fit straight away.

    Decorative Finishes
  • Supply only: If installing our Joinery please follow our Installation and download our Aftercare and Installation Guide.

    Installation service: Browns offer a full fitting service giving you complete peace of mind and quality assurance. This service is available for most areas of the UK, dependent on contract size.

    Delivery of glazing units: Glazing units can be supplied factory fitted or loose to be fitted on site. For correct glazing methods please follow our Aftercare and Installation Guide.

    Delivery: Delivery of your Browns windows will normally be made by large lorry or van – this will be discussed on order and tailored to suit your requirements.

    When we deliver, assistance will be required with offloading heavy items. We must emphasise that some items can be very heavy and you must ensure that you have sufficient people capable of heavy lifting on site when we deliver.

    Storage: - For Storage guidelines please follow our comprehensive Aftercare and Installation Guide.

    Delivery Period: Normally 6 – 8 weeks from placing order, but please contact us for accurate lead times.

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